The meaning behind the name Big Wall

The name ‘big wall’ spun out of the passion for Big Wall Climbing.
Big Wall Climbing is a type of rock climbing where a climber ascends a very long and technical rock face ( also known as multi-pitch), normally involves tremendous preparation, technical rock climbing gear and sometimes an all-day or multi-day climb where you need to sleep overnight on the wall.

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However, this sport brings the founders tremendous accomplishment and the experience of climbing brings you close to nature, which is one thing they embrace the most – the great outdoors.

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So just like Big Wall Climbing, the world of online marketing sometimes feels like a big wall climbing expedition. To get the most attention from your potential customers online, you need to be visible and found at the top when a customer searches for something you offer on the web. However, to be ranked at the top of Google, the journey is uphill, daunting and sometimes can involve long periods of time. Just like climbing, any shortcuts, negligence or careless step can lead to a fatal fall or loss, which leads to your website being down, getting penalised or blacklisted. So that’s where we want to come in, to guide you along in the climb to avoid these mistakes.

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Just like a rock climbing expedition needs preparation and proper safety equipment, we have in our arsenal knowledge and up-to-date expertise in our field of digital marketing and SEO. Just like how climbers support and safeguard each other on the wall in the form of belaying where catch and hold them by the rope when they struggle on the climb, we strive to be of help to those who are not yet experts in navigating the online landscape.



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